Communication Authority of Kenya reduces phone call rates

Kenyans will start enjoying a reduction in call rates from March 1, 2024, says Communication Authority of Kenya.

This has been occasioned by the current economic times where many Kenyans are struggling to make ends meet.

In a statement on Friday, the authority announced that the call rate will drop from the current Sh0.58 per minute to Sh0.41 per minute.

The new rate will apply to all mobile networks as the maximum charge and will only apply to calls made within Kenya.

The authority explained that due to the prevailing economic environment, ICT market dynamics, thus  the need to strike a balance between the promotion of investment and the protection of consumers.

“This decision will have positive outcomes for both the consumers and operators. Consumers will now enjoy access to a variety of affordable services across networks while operators will have more price flexibility in developing more affordable products,” read the statement in part.

Lower Mobile Termination Rates (MTRS) and Fixed Termination Rates (FTRS) mean lower calling rates for consumers.

The new rates will last for two years before review.

Source: The Star

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