Dahabshiil Wins Global Good Governance Awards

Africa’s largest money transfer company, Dahabshiil has been awarded two Global Good Governance Awards for the category of “Best Services to Diaspora and Excellence in Money Transfer” from the UK’s financial consultancy firm Cambridge IFA.

Dahabshiil is a leading African money transfer company with a global presence in more than 140 countries, including the African continent. It was established as a remittance initiative to allow migrants to send money to family and friends in East African countries.

“On behalf of the company, I thank the organisers for recognising our work, and Dahabshiil’s mission is to facilitate financial transactions to vulnerable people in the most remote places,” said Abdirashid Duale, CEO of Dahabshiil Group.

Diaspora remittances are Africa’s most valuable foreign currency; firms like Dahabshiil fill the void by offering money transfer services.

Cambridge IFA is a financial services intelligence house that provides strategic advice to governments, financial institutions and multilateral organizations through its development and utilization of analytical tools to evaluate business data, assess macroeconomic indicators and understand market trends, leadership positioning and brand development relevant to the development of the financial services industry globally.

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