Deeqa Somtel: A viral response ignites inspiration

Across Somalia, where years of education haven’t shielded young people from employment struggles due to lingering effects of civil war and political instability, a young woman’s story has become a social media sensation.

Deeqa Mohamed Muse, a young employee at Somtel in Puntland, is a viral star thanks to her response during a man-on-the-street interview (vox pop). When the conversation veered towards politics, Deeqa politely redirected it to her work with Somtel SIM cards. This simple display of professionalism and dedication resonated deeply with viewers.

Deeqa’s video went viral after the journalist repeatedly asked her about a political question. With a bright smile and holding Somtel SIM cards, Deeqa replied, “Ask me about Somtel.” Many viewers appreciated her focus on her job and her disinterest in discussing irrelevant topics. “Don’t ask me about politics or tribes, ask me about Somtel,” Deeqa declared, her commitment to her work evident.

Deeqa’s dedication has become a real-life success story. Recognizing her exceptional customer service and positive impact, Mr. Abdirashid Duale, CEO of Dahabshil Group (Somtel’s parent company, Africa’s largest money transfer firm), honored Deeqa with a brand new car. She also received a well-deserved promotion to a permanent position and a medal for her outstanding contributions – promoting the Somtel brand and providing exceptional customer service.

At the ceremony, Deeqa expressed her surprise at the video’s virality and her immense gratitude to the Dahabshil Group.

Deeqa’s story exemplifies the power of dedication and humility. Her commitment to her role at Somtel Puntland serves as a beacon of hope for young Somalis navigating a challenging landscape. It also highlights the importance of companies recognizing and rewarding dedicated employees.

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