Deployment Of Kenya Police To Haiti Will Cost Ksh.36.5B

The deployment of 1000 Kenyan police to a United Nations-backed peacekeeping mission in Haiti will cost Ksh.36.5 billion. 

This budgeted amount will cater for costs of training, administrative support, weapon, ammunition and anti-riot equipment, transport, technical equipment and general equipment. 

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki on Thursday appeared before a joint sitting of the National Assembly and Senate Committees on National Security, Defence and Foreign Relations, where he explained that the money will be obtained from UN member states. 

“The resources for this mission will be mobilised among the member states of the United Nations. They have already identified the way the funds will be mobilised and made available for us,” Kindiki told Members of Parliament. 

“Unless all resources are mobilised and availed, our troops will not leave the country. They will not leave Kenyan soil until the equipment required on the ground in Haiti is in place,” he assured. 

The CS pointed out that while the deployment of Kenya’s 1000 troops will cost $241,390,961 (Ksh. 36,570,730,591), the total cost of the mission that will involve troops from other countries will cost $600 (Ksh.91billion). 

Given reports that the security situation in Haiti could be a risk for Kenyan officers, Kindiki assured MPs that a pre-deployment mission led by the Deputy Inspector General of Police has been carried out and the security docket is aware of the situation on the ground. 

“Much of the country is fairly safe. The unsafe parts are pockets of mainly urban areas, safety issues are different in the urban areas, other places are reasonably safe,”, said Kindiki, adding that the concept of the operation will ensure they are intelligence-led and are carried out in a way that does not expose Kenyan officers.

Kindiki also assured MPs that the mission the mission will be done constitutionally, and in accordance to the National Police Act, as the officers will be offering a support role. 

On his part, Police Inspector General Japhet Koome said that a selection exercise has been done to identify the troop members that will be deployed to Haiti in stages. 

“The officers were taken through medical examinations and other suitability tests. It was very fair. We are not going to Haiti to fail,” Koome said. 

The United Nations Security Council approved the Multinational Security Support mission aimed at fighting violent gangs that have largely overrun Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince.

Kenya will lead the security mission, and nations such as The Bahamas, Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda are also willing to help.

Source: Citizen Digital

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