Ethiopia, Canada advance trade ties in high-level talks

Ethiopia and Canada are poised to strengthen trade and investment cooperation following high-level talks between Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister Taye Atske-Selassie and visiting Canadian Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Robert Oliphant.

In a meeting Thursday, Canada and Ethiopia agreed to fortify bilateral relations, particularly focusing on trade and investment avenues.

“The discussions also covered regional, continental and international issues of mutual importance,” Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

During the meeting, both parties expressed a keen interest in enhancing cooperation across multiple sectors, focusing on collaboration in digital technology, mining, energy and manufacturing.

Oliphant highlighted Ethiopia’s importance as one of Canada’s key African partners, noting its prioritization within Canada’s foreign relations strategy.

According to Ethiopia’s Foreign Ministry, the discussions also focused on their mutual dedication to tackling global challenges and promoting shared interests on the diplomatic front.

According to the Canadian Foreign Ministry, during his two-day trip from March 14-15, Oliphant will also meet with officials from the African Union Commission to deepen relations and work together on shared priorities.

“Canada values its growing relationship with the African Union, and I look forward to hearing how we can continue to work in partnership. I am keen to explore how we can continue to cooperate on shared priorities such as the rules-based international order, global and regional peace and security, and gender equality,” Oliphant said in a statement.

He will also engage with civil society organizations, international bodies and community members to discuss challenges and opportunities in strengthening Canada-Africa relations.

Source: Addis Standard

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