FGS and Somaliland forge draft roadmap in Djibouti talks

In a two-day dialogue mediated by Djibouti’s President Ismael Guelleh, the Federal Republic of Somalia and the self-declared Somaliland government reached a draft roadmap tackling key disputed issues. The talks began on Thursday and culminated in drafting the eight-point document, shared by state media on Friday.

Key points agreed upon during the conference include:

• Commencement of Dialogue: Both parties have pledged to engage in a fair and impartial dialogue, ensuring that both sides’ concerns are acknowledged and addressed with the aim of reaching a consensus satisfactory to all.

• Roadmap Development: A 30-day period has been agreed upon to craft a detailed roadmap for the dialogue process. This roadmap will serve as a guideline for future discussions and the resolution of issues.

• Upholding Previous Agreements: Commitments were reaffirmed to respect and uphold agreements reached during previous meetings held across various international cities from 2012 to 2020.

• Increased International Support: There is a call for international partners to step up their assistance in capacity building and institutional development, especially for the regions of Sool, Sanaag, and Cayn.

• Security Challenges: Both governments have committed to address security issues both independently and jointly, with particular attention to combating terrorism and resolving any emerging disputes.

• Regional Peace Efforts: Cities and regions affected by historical conflicts are encouraged to pursue peace and stability, contributing to a favorable environment for the continuation of dialogue.

• Maintaining Dialogue Integrity: Actions that could potentially disrupt the dialogue atmosphere are to be avoided, with both parties agreeing to maintain the dignity of the process.

• Acknowledgement of Djibouti’s Role: The significant and balanced contribution of the Republic of Djibouti and President Guelleh in hosting and facilitating the dialogue has been recognized and commended by the leaders of Somalia and Somaliland.

The talks mark a promising start for further negotiations, with the nation and the world watching closely how the process progresses.

However, the Puntland regional state has criticized the talks, citing its exclusion from the discussions due to its role in the ongoing dispute with Somaliland over the newly formed SSC Khatumo region.

Source: Somalisignal.com

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