Hezbollah unleashes fury on Israeli border

Hezbollah launched dozens of missiles on Israel on 23 November, as the group continued its daily strikes on settlements and military sites on the border. 

In a single attack, Hezbollah fired 48 Katyusha missiles on one of Israel’s northern bases.

“In support of our steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and in support of their brave and honorable resistance, the Mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance, at 10:15 a.m. on Thursday 11/23/2023, targeted the Ein Zeitim base near the city of Safed (the headquarters of the 3rd Infantry Brigade of the 91st Division) with forty-eight Katyusha missiles, it was hit directly,” a statement read. 

This was one of over thirteen attacks launched by Hezbollah on Thursday. 

At 8:30 AM on 23 November, Hezbollah fighters “targeted an infantry gathering of Israeli enemy soldiers at the Dhahira site,” causing “direct hits.” 

Around 45 minutes later, Hezbollah ambushed an Israeli tank with a guided missile. 

“After targeting the tank, an Israeli infantry force arrived at the site and was targeted with guided weapons, causing its members to be killed or wounded,” a Hezbollah statement read. 

Around 11:00 AM, Hezbollah also targeted a building in the Manara settlement which was housing a group of soldiers. 

Several other Israeli military sites were hit by the resistance group throughout the afternoon of 23 November, including the Jal al-Alam site, and the Ruwaisat al-Alam site in the occupied Shebaa Farms area. 

In one of its statements, Hezbollah said it struck a house in the Manara settlement at 2:50 PM, destroying it “above the heads” of four Israeli soldiers. 

Israel responded with bombardment of a number of Lebanese border villages. 

According to Lebanon’s National News Agency (NNA), Israel responded to a guided missile attack on its Al-Samaqa site “by bombing the outskirts of Kfar Shuba and Rashaya Al-Fakhar.”

“An enemy drone also targeted the outskirts of Kfar Shuba’s Al-Shuqaiq area, with two missiles,” the agency added. 

Israel has been “firing incendiary bombs at forests in the southern town of Alma al-Shaab,” NNA said, while launching artillery shells on the towns of Majdal Zoun and Tayr Harfa. 

It also targeted the southern village of Meiss al-Jabal with illegal white phosphorous shells, which it has been launching on Gaza and south Lebanon since the outbreak of the war in early October. 

The previous day also saw intense crossfire on the Lebanese border, coinciding with the announcement of a truce deal between Israel and Hamas – which has yet to take effect. 

Source: The cradle

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