Israeli quadcopter drones terrorize Gaza civilians

The Israeli army is using quadcopter drones to kill Palestinian civilians in Gaza in a systematic and widespread manner, according to testimonies gathered by the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor.

Since the beginning of the war on Gaza on 7 October, Israel has killed over 28,000 Palestinians, the majority women and children, through airstrikes, artillery, snipers, and tank fire.
However, the use of quadcopter drones has played a significant role in terrorizing Palestinian civilians as well.
According to a report released by Euro-Med on 11 February, Israel has used quadcopter drones in particular against civilians attempting to return and inspect their homes after the Israeli army retreats following clashes with fighters from Hamas’ Qassam Brigades and other groups.

Euro-Med reported that on 4 February, an Israeli quadcopter drone shot and killed 49-year-old Jihad al-Dardasawi from Al-Turkman neighborhood in the Shujaiya area east of Gaza City. After Dardasawi was killed by drone fire, his body was found with at least four bullet holes in the back and one in the thigh.
According to his brother Akram, Jihad was killed while riding his bicycle from his home to the Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza City to deliver food to their injured brother. Akram added that Jihad was subsequently buried in the yard of one of the schools being used as a shelter east of Gaza City.
On Thursday, Euro-Med received reports that an Israeli quadcopter drone opened fire at a refugee school near Al-Awda, east of Khan Yunis, killing two Palestinians and seriously wounding one other.

The Geneva-based rights organization also reported that on 4 February, Muhammad Diab Abdel Qader Barhoum was shot and killed by a quadcopter drone as he was heading to Al-Nasr town, north of Rafah City, to feed his sheep.
Health workers in Gaza have noticed that the bodies of the victims of quadcopter fire show evidence of unusual gunshots, which leave a different shape on the victim’s body compared to those killed by snipers.

The Israeli army converted quadcopter drones, which were initially designed for photography, into tools for intelligence gathering and subsequently as weapons.
Developed by Israeli military industries, the drones have four or five rotors, are one meter in diameter, are easy to program, and are operated remotely.
The drones also have precise eavesdropping instruments and high-quality cameras for surveillance purposes. They can also be modified to carry bombs and can be modified to become suicide drones.

Source: The cradle

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