Kampala Air Pollution Way Over Recommended Levels – Report

The quality of air in Uganda’s capital city of Kampala has exceeded the World Health Organisation permissible levels. According to Daniel Okello, Kampala Capital City Authority’s Director of Public Health and Environment, air pollution levels recorded in the city were higher than the World Health Organization recommended levels by 5 to 7 times across all divisions with Kawempe recording the highest concentration at 57μg/m3. KCCA installed 100 air quality monitors in 25 locations across the city and the data from the monitors was used to produce the report.

In order to reduce the levels of air pollution in Kampala, the KCCA will implement strategies for reducing sectoral contributions to annual ambient pollution concentrations by 10% by 2025 by tarmacking more city roads, increasing the number of signaled junctions and traffic management innovations to streamline city traffic control as well as promoting and implementing green mobility alternatives including electric mobility, non-motorised transportation and mass-transit alternatives.


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