Kenya cancels $30 fee for South Africa, 6 other African Nations after backlash

Kenya has scrapped the controversial $30 entry fee introduced last month for passport holders from South Africa, six other African nations, following widespread criticism. This move comes after the government initially abolished visa requirements for all foreign travelers, only to subsequently impose the entry fee on some nationalities, including those previously exempt.

San Marino, Europe’s third-smallest nation, is the only other country on the exemption list.

The original decision sparked backlash, raising concerns about increased travel costs and potential reciprocity measures from other countries with visa-waiver agreements with Kenya. The exemption now extends to South Africa, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Congo-Brazzaville, Comoros, Mozambique, and San Marino, all of which have visa abolition or waiver agreements with Kenya.

While travelers from these exempted countries won’t need visas, they still require an electronic travel authorization (ETA) prior to arrival. This online application requires submitting flight details and accommodation proof and grants a single entry valid for 90 days.

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