Kenyan university accused of forcing Muslim students to attend church

The speaker of Kenya’s parliament has directed the education ministry to investigate allegations that a university in the country has been forcing Muslim students to attend Christian religious services.

Daystar University, a private Christian institution on the outskirts of the capital, Nairobi, is also accused of withholding grades of students who refuse to attend chapel services.

The university has denied this and said it does not withhold grades of those who do not attend the chapel, according to local media.

The allegations were raised in parliament by Kenyan MP Mohammed Ali, who said the policy violates the constitutional right to religious freedom.

Education Minister Ezekiel Machogu relayed the university’s response, saying: “The university argued that all the students are admitted with full knowledge that the university is a Christian institution with its own philosophy, ethos and core values”.

“Upon admission, students sign a code of conduct by which they agree to abide by the university’s Christian values and commitment to participate in the university’s spiritual disciplines,” he added, citing the university.

The university also told Mr Machogu that students are required to attend at least 75% of chapel services each semester.

The education ministry will also investigate reports by Mr Ali that the institution promotes LGBTQ practices by incorporating LGBTQ issues in its curriculum.

Source: BBC

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