Kiambu clerics slam state over soaring cost of living

Clerics have accused the Kenya Kwanza government of failing to address the high cost of living.

The Federation of Evangelical and Indigenous Christian Churches of Kenya on Tuesday told the press in Thika that most Kenyans are on the verge of losing hope.

FEICCK general secretary Bishop David Thagana said the National Dialogue Committee failed to address the issue of the high cost of living in the bipartisan talks that ended last month.

“The committee met and addressed issues that only concern them,” he said.

“The talks delved into creating political offices that will further impoverish Kenyans by bloating the wage bill.

“They left out the most significant issue that millions of Kenyans were eagerly waiting for, the cost of living.”

Thagana, who is also the presiding bishop of Glory Outreach Assembly Church, spoke on the sidelines of a week-long prayer seminar at Ukombozi Retreat Centre.

He faulted President William Ruto-led administration for burdening Kenyans with high taxation, thereby adding economic misery.

Peter Wagura said that the graft fight should be directed to the ‘big fish’ who are looting public coffers through shady means.

“Kenyans are currently facing an uphill task in providing basic needs for their families,” he said.

He cited food, rent and school fees, adding that meanwhile, individuals entrusted with public resources are mismanaging them.

“We are calling for a spirited fight to end corruption for the sake of our country’s economy.”

Bishop Juma Ndaizei of GOA called on leaders to uphold integrity to steer the country towards growth and transformation, saying that poor leadership will lead to a social, economic and political crisis.

Thagana said the Kenya Kwanza administration must fulfil their campaign promises and especially on lowering the cost of living and rejuvenating the country’s economy.

“We are calling on our leaders — and especially the President because he’s the one who bears the greatest responsibility — to ensure that the promises they made are fulfilled,” he said.

“Integrity demands that you fulfil the promises. Kenyans are losing hope in their leadership.”

The cleric said the church is bearing the brunt of government failures since it’s been accused by Kenyans of misleading them into voting for the current regime.

Thagana said UDA leaders, led by Ruto and Deputy Governor Rigathi Gachagua, made promises and outlined agendas of transforming the country that made the church rally its followers into supporting their shot at the presidency.

“It’s very hard on us and we feel ashamed whenever our followers question us on why we ‘misled’ them,” he said.

“We are reminding our leaders that they campaigned on the church platform and we won’t stop holding them accountable. We still have hopes that they will do something on the issues bedevilling Kenyans.”

The clerics raised concerns over corruption creeping back into government, saying that it poses a huge threat to the country’s economic growth.

Thagana said that the government must adopt stern measures to slay the graft dragon, including arresting and prosecuting all government officers implicated in graft dealings.

“We are worried if all the taxes that Kenyans are paying will end up being looted or misappropriated by unscrupulous individuals within the government,” the bishop said.

“We are calling on the President to crack the whip on all individuals implicated in the recent corrupt deals.”

The call comes amid a Sh16.5 billion edible oils scandal in which Cabinet officials are implicated.

Source: The Star

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