Ministry of Health Cautions Kenyans Against Uninspected Meat During Festivities

In an advisory issued by Health Principal Secretary Muthoni Muriuki on Friday, it was noted that consumption of such food poses serious health risks to Kenyans and their families.

According to the PS, animals need to be inspected by certified officers before being slaughtered for consumption.

Additionally, Kenyans were also advised against eating meat from animals that have died.

“The Ministry is fully aware of many ceremonies that communities undertake during this festive season such as weddings, and circumcision among others. It should be noted that such ceremonies and gatherings negatively affect our health especially if public health measures are not fully observed.

“Anyone hosting a ceremony should ensure adequate provision of sanitary facilities including handwashing points and latrines. Observe proper hygiene when handling food; cook and serve when still hot,” read the advisory in part.

Kenyans were also encouraged to properly store leftovers to prevent them from going bad and posing health risks to family members.

Should any individual become ill after eating during the festivities, they were advised to visit the nearest health facility for medication.

On the other hand, Kenyans were also urged to maintain sexual hygiene and engage in protected sex.

“Patients on long-term drugs like HIV, TB, and Diabetes among others should ensure they have enough stock to last you over the festive season.

“You are advised to sleep under a treated mosquito net to protect yourself against Malaria,” the Ministry advised.

Should Kenyans have any concerns, they were encouraged to reach out to the Ministry through emergency helplines: 719, 0729471414 or 0732353535.


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