Mother of Gaza captive says Israeli army gassed son to death

The mother of an Israeli soldier held in captivity in Gaza by Hamas has accused the army of killing her son with poison gas.

The Israeli military revealed on 17 January that the bodies of Sergeant Ron Sherman and Corporal Nick Beiser had been retrieved from Gaza on 14 December.

Al-Mayadeen reported the bodies were retrieved from Jabalia, close to a location bombarded by the Israeli army. Ahmad al-Ghandour, a commander of the Ezzedine al-Qassam’s northern brigade, was reportedly killed in the bombing.

The army notified Sherman’s mother, Maya, that the cause of death was unknown following an investigation.

But according to Maya, her son Ron was killed by the Israeli army, which flooded the tunnel he was being held in with poison gas, suffocating him to death.

“Ron was indeed murdered. Not by Hamas. Think more in the direction of Auschwitz and the showers but without Nazis and without Hamas as the cause. No accidental shooting, no report, premeditated murder, bombings with poisonous gases,” she wrote on social media.

According to an autopsy, Sherman’s fingers were crushed while trying to escape from the shut tunnel.

“They found that he also had several crushed fingers, apparently due to his desperate attempts to get out of the poison grave that the IDF [army] buried in him when he tried to breathe air, but he only breathed IDF poison,” Maya said.

She also blamed the army for her son’s abduction during the Qassam Brigades’ attack on Israeli military bases and settlements on 7 October, saying the army should have been better prepared for such an attack.

“Ron was kidnapped because of the criminal negligence of all the senior officials of the army and the damned government who gave the order to eliminate him in order to settle a score with some terrorist.”

“There is no future for this country if this is what they did to you [Ron] after they abandoned you that Saturday. What was the decision if Bibi’s son was there in the terrorist’s tunnel or Gallant’s grandson? Or the son of Hertzi Halevi? Would they also have been poisoned with gas bombs?”

The army revealed that the bodies of both soldiers did not show any sign of blunt force or gunshots. A toxicology test was requested to confirm whether it was poisonous gas utilized by the army that killed the two soldiers.

Evidence continues to emerge that the Israeli military killed many of its own civilians and soldiers during the 7 October Qassam Brigades attack to prevent them from being taken captive to Gaza. Hamas wished to exchange Israeli captives for the thousands of Palestinians held in Israeli prisons.

Source: The Cradle

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