Somali presidential candidates face stringent requirements ahead of the election

Somalia’s definitive polls date has exposed candidates to a new round of conditions, setting the stage for one of the toughest contests they will face to be cleared.

On Thursday, a special parliamentary task force chosen to prepare for the much-delayed elections settled on May 15 this year as the presidential elections date.

The date coincides with Somalia’s Youth Day, a day Somalis say sowed the seed of independence demands back in 1943 when the Somali Youth League was formed.

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But this time, apart from offering certainty to an end of a prolonged electoral cycle, the date could also be giving candidates a headache.

The elections, initially scheduled for March 2021, have been delayed for more than a year, attracting more aspirants along the way. By Thursday, at least 15 candidates had expressed intent to contest.

According to the rules publicised by the task force, each candidate interested in the post of federal president will be required to register their candidacy between May 8 and 10. Those who fail to do so will be locked out.


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