Somalia’s Lower House, Senate set to elect speakers before end of April

The committees selected by the House of the People (Lower House) and the Upper House (Senate) of Somalia’s Parliament on Monday submitted their plan to have the two chambers elect speakers and deputies.

In a joint session held at Villa Hargeisa, the legislators approved the timeline to elect the speaker and deputies of the Senate on April 26 while the speaker and deputies of the Lower House will be elected on April 27.

The endorsed schedule includes candidates submitting their applications between April 19 and 22 and fulfilling other conditions such as depositing fees at the Somalia’s Central Bank and presenting receipts to the committee.

Fees for speakers have been increased to $40,000 up from $30,000 in 2016. Those vying for the position of deputy speakers are to deposit $20,000 up from $15,000 in 2016.

Each candidate is also required to submit a consent letter of acceptance of the outcome of the election.

The timeline and conditions were signed by the Chair of the Select Committee, Abdirizak Omar Mohamed.


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