Somaliland accuses Somalia of secret maritime agreement with Ethiopia

Somaliland has accused Somalia of secretly agreeing with Ethiopia on maritime issues.

The Somaliland government claims that Somalia has entered a covert deal with Ethiopia concerning sea territories. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, Somaliland’s Interior Minister, pointed this out while addressing the Somali government’s criticism of the Somaliland-Ethiopia agreement. He alleged that Somalia has engaged in a similar agreement with Ethiopia.

“Somalia’s Defense Minister has signed a deal with Ethiopia, encompassing both sea and land issues. This pact was clandestine,” Minister Kaahin said. He revealed the existence of this agreement when the president returned and addressed the airport crowd.

Minister Kahin criticized the Somali government for opposing Somaliland and distorting the facts of their agreement. He emphasized Somaliland’s readiness to defend itself at all times.

He also accused the Somali government of collaborating with Al Shabaab to undermine Somaliland. Additionally, he referred to allegations by the federal government about the Ethiopian church’s activities in Somaliland, suggesting it aims to incite public unrest.

The Somali government has vehemently opposed the Somaliland-Ethiopia deal, resulting in government-sponsored protests in the Banadir region for two consecutive days.

Source: Hiiraan

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