State introduces new charges for eCitizen transactions

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Njuguna Ndung’u has issued new charge rates to be used by Kenyans on eCitizen transactions. 

The CS in a gazette notice dated December 14 noted that the Digital Payments Platform is integrated with all available electronic payment platforms in Kenya.

This includes mobile money, electronic bank payments, real-time gross settlements (RTGS), wallets, debit or credit cards and other payment channels. 

The shall charge a nominal administrative fee per transaction, which shall be pro-rated as follows:

Payments of below Sh199 will come with a cost of Sh.5. 

Kenyans making payments of between Sh.200 and Sh.299 will be charged Sh.10. 

Payments of between Sh300 and Sh.499 will come with a charge rate of Sh.15. 

For eCitizen payments ranging between Sh.500 and Sh.699, one will pay a charge rate of Sh.20.

Payments ranging between Sh.700 and Sh.999 will come with a charge of Sh.25. 

Any payment above Sh.1000 will cost one Sh.50. 

For any US dollar, one will be charged $1. 

“The charges take effect immediately,” the CS said. 

Ndung’u said Kenya developed the Digital Payments Platform pursuant to Article 201 (a) and Article 6 (3) of the Constitution. 

He said it provides for the principle of openness and accountability of public finances, and, the obligation to deliver the widest possible access to government services respectively; and as further guided by the Public Finance Management Act. 

The CS said the platform should be the framework through which citizens and all persons can access and pay for Government services.

He said the pro-rated changes will apply to all services unless otherwise waived by himself. 

“The public is advised to visit to view the list of services for which payment can be made digitally,” Ndung’u said. 

Source: The Star

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