Subjecting Kalonzo to some humiliating ‘interview’ is impunity – Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto has said that subjecting Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka to a humiliating running mate interview is impunity.

Speaking on Wednesday, the second in command insisted that every leader deserves respect.

Ruto added that Kenyans must unite to eliminate the culture of deceit in politics, which is all some politicians are known for.

“Though we are competitors, to subject HE Kalonzo to some humiliating ‘interview’ is impunity. We must unite to eliminate the culture of political deceit, the hallmark of some politicians. Whatever the circumstances every leader deserves some dignity and respect. Heshima si utumwa,” he tweeted.

This comes amidst reports of unease in Kalonzo Musyoka’s camp, with allies urging him not to show up for the Raila running mate interview.

They argue that he has been vice president for five years, and deputised Raila twice. They insist that going for the interview will be disrespect.

Makueni MP Daniel Maanzo said the Wiper boss must not be humiliated before a panel, warning that Raila risks losing the Ukambani vote if their man does not land the ticket.

“The choice is his (Raila’s). If he wants to be the President, let him look for Kalonzo. I won’t advise my party leader to appear before any vetting panel so as to be told to say his names as they appear in the ID. That is rubbish,” Maanzo said.

The selection process created by Azimio has triggered speculations Kalonzo might land a different role. 

The seven-member team of religious leaders and Kalonzo’s representative is expected to forward two names Raila and President Uhuru Kenyatta will consider for a running mate.

Kalonzo has also protested why he has to be subjected to an exam to be Raila’s deputy.

“This issue is beginning to weigh heavily on me. I find it almost unacceptable discussing it. …. If this issue is solved earlier, it will give some of us the impetus to campaign,” Kalonzo said last week.

By snubbing the vetting panel, the Wiper boss risks being left out of Raila’s pick for the running mate, a development likely to escalate tension in the coalition.

The panel has exactly six days – until May 10 – to suggest a name to Raila.

In adjusted IEBC timelines, presidential aspirants have until May 16 to submit their names alongside those of their running mates.


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