U.S. condemns RSF advance in Al-JAzhirah State, voices concern over El Fasher attack

The United States Department of State has expressed deep concern over the ongoing conflict in Sudan, specifically addressing the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) advance in Gezira State and the renewed fighting in the northeastern suburbs of El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur.

In a statement released on December 16, the State Department condemned the RSF’s actions and urged the group to cease its offensive and refrain from attacking the city of Wad Madani, a crucial humanitarian hub that has become a haven for displaced civilians seeking refuge from the conflict.

The statement highlighted the alarm over the RSF’s reinforcement of attacks towards Wad Madani, which puts vulnerable civilians at significant risk. These actions contradict the RSF’s stated claims of protecting the Sudanese people, raising concerns about their commitment to civilian protection.

The State Department also expressed disapproval of potential clashes between the RSF and the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), emphasizing that such engagements further endanger civilians caught in the crossfire.

The RSF’s advance has already caused mass displacement of civilians from Gezira State, many of whom have nowhere else to go. The closure of markets in Wad Madani has further compounded their hardships.

The renewed fighting in the northeastern suburbs of El Fasher has also drawn the State Department’s attention. Credible reports indicate that internally displaced persons were injured by stray gunfire in this area. El Fasher, like Wad Madani, had provided safe haven for civilians fleeing conflict. Such incidents undermine efforts to achieve a lasting ceasefire and a negotiated resolution to the conflict.

The State Department joined Sudanese human rights defenders in calling for an immediate halt to any firing from positions within or near internally displaced persons (IDP) camps, urging all parties to refrain from recklessly endangering civilian lives.

Source: Sudan Tribute

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