UN holds emergency meeting on Red Sea Security amid escalating Houthi attacks

The U.N. Security Council will convene an emergency meeting to address heightened security concerns in the Red Sea following a series of attacks by Houthi militants based in Yemen.

The incidents, involving drones, missiles, and boats, have targeted vessels either linked to or heading to Israel, according to Houthi claims, citing solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.

Labeling the attacks a “grave threat to international commerce and maritime security,” U.S. Mission to the United Nations spokesperson Nate Evans emphasized the need for urgent attention. The assaults triggered military responses from U.S. and British forces, leading to the formation of a coalition to safeguard shipping lanes.

In response to the escalating situation, several commercial cargo companies have adjusted their operations, diverting ships away from the Red Sea. Instead, they opt for a longer route around the southern tip of Africa, bypassing the Red Sea’s access to the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal.

On Tuesday, U.S. Central Command reported another Houthi attack, involving two anti-ship ballistic missiles fired from Yemen into the southern Red Sea. The missiles landed in the water without causing damage, as reported by multiple commercial ships in the area. CENTCOM labeled these actions as “illegal” and a threat to innocent mariners, marking the 24th attack against merchant shipping in the Southern Red Sea since November 19.

Source: Africa News

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